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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free Internet Marketing Tip 89

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Twitter Tools to Help You Manage Unfollowers Jeremy Muncy | Staff Writer Tools to help you take control of your Twitter account. Twitter has an insurmountable number of applications from the very useful to the rather comical . It’s hard to weed through and find the truly great applications and services. To better help you in your Twittering efforts, I’ve put together a list of 5 great tools to help you monitor your followers and unfollowers… since we all know is about that ratio. Hopefully you find the list useful. If there are some I’ve neglected to add or if you know of other ones please leave a comment with a description and a link. Twellow Followers Twellow, The Twitter Yellow Pages, has many features that range from extended profiles to Twellowhood (one of my personal favorite Twitter tools on the Internet). Mixed in with the plethora of features that Twellow offers is an unsung hero which is just simply called "Followers". With this you can easily see who is reciprocally following you. But, the best part of Followers is... you can follow or unfollow directly from Twellow. No clicking to go back to Twitter, you can get the job done without leaving the page. **Non-Mutuals UPDATE: Twellow has added a new feature that adds to the capabilities of "Followers" and "Friends", called "View Non-Mutuals". (Please note you must be logged in to use "View Non-Mutuals".) View Non-Mutuals allows you to quickly see "Who your following, but not following you" and vice-versa "Whose falling you, but your not following". Just another simple, yet effective, update from Twellow. Qwitter is a nice little service that emails you when someone stops following you on Twitter with a message, below is an example. John Gruber stopped following you on Twitter after you posted this tweet: What's the difference between Arial and Helvetia? That's pretty much it... no extra frills. Friend or Follow Friend or Follow is pretty self-explanatory, you enter in your Twitter username and it gives you three tabs of information: - Following - Fans - Friends: Following (who your following, but not following you back), fans (who’s following you, but your not following them back) and friends (people who you follow and they follow you back. TweetLater is an online service that has an abundance of features ranging from scheduling tweets to integration. They offer a free account as well as a paid professional account. Buried deep within the features of TweetLater is the option to "Follow those who follow you" and "Unfollow those who unfollow you". This is completely automated and set by the user: - Follow those who follow you - Automate! Automatically follow people who follow you and save a ton of time while your Friends list builds itself. - Unfollow those who unfollow you - Automate! Automatically unfollow somoene when they unfollow you if that is how you prefer to manage your Friends list. Twitterless is an online service that notifies you when any Twitterer stops following you, and gives you their username. But, they don't stop there. They take it one step further and give you a graphed out "follower history" over a period of time to help you understand where your gaining or losing followers. They also offer follower filters that give you a more descriptive view of your followers. You can filter in real time and search using keywords to see if your followers are talking about anything that interest you.

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Change Management and Employee Communication Strategies By Marcia Xenitelis - If your employee communication strategy to communicate change focuses on stakeholder communication plans, an intranet site, CEO forums and Staff Information Bulletins via email, stop right there. 7 SEO Tips for your WordPress Blog By Suzanne Morrison - Do you have a WordPress blog? If so, one of the best ways to improve traffic to your blog is by applying search engine optimization techniques. In this article we will go over 7 simple things that you can do... Balancing SEO Against The Needs of Your Article's Audience By Hunter Waterhouse - Article marketing continues to be a proven method for generating traffic to our websites and developing good search placement, even after all of these years. Top SEO Tools - A suite of the best online submission and SEO Tools available. Sign up for a 7 day free test drive. Add Me! - a pioneer in search engine submission, and the most popular. They provide free submission and paid submission. WebPosition helps you maximize your site's search engine visibility by providing a complete SEO solution including rank reporting, keyword research, page optimization and submission. Download a demo today! Build a Business Website in Under 5 Minutes. Over 172,000 people just like you have used Exact Websites to build professional websites, complete with web pages, photo albums, email, links and 27 other features without ever having built a website before.

App of the Day: 2Bar is a toolbar for Web 2.0 users. Features include search on Delicious, Youtube, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, your Gmail inbox, a ShareThis widget, site info from Alexa, Quarkbase, & WhoIs, numerous tools, a mini newsreader, a mini Facebook, a mini Twitter, etc. Freeware for I.E. and Firefox browsers. Freeware. If you have a Webmaster App that you would like listed on the SPN site, send us an email with details to:

SPN Partners Hostway - Trust your Web site to the global leader! More than 2 million customers already enjoy our innovative Web hosting and ecommerce solutions. SubmitPlus - Post your site to 110 search engines... Gratis. Template Monster - The Web's number one website templates are available for immediate download. Online Site Builder - Providing high end web design, site management & digital media tools Web-Source - Your Guide to Professional Web Site Design & Development. - A directory of IT newsletters with ratings & descriptions. NewWebDirectory - A new internet web directory of professionally reviewed web sites providing both freebie and paid site submission. FreeWebMonitoring - Monitor your web site's availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with email alerts and weekly web site statistics. - A new social content website similar to Digg. Submit original content or articles and news items that you believe are newsworthy. - Useful gadgets and widgets for your blog or website. Enhance any web page with just 2 lines of code. Top 10 Exposure - Forget PPC. Get Google-Type ads for $3 - $4 per month and top 10 exposure across 100's of search engines & web directories. Rapid Paid Inclusion - Add Your URL to 40+ Search Engines. Fast Inclusion, Recrawls and Backlinks. Get a Featured Article Position on GoArticles - Put your article at the top of any category or sub-category for greater exposure and better rankings.

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