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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Free Internet Marketing Tip 365

Faith Video On-Demand Live, began in 2004 with a vision of providing ministries with state-of-the-art technology that empowers them to share their message with a worldwide audience. 

In addition to providing the highest quality audio and video feeds over the Internet, we provide ministries with the tools necessary to increase their REACH, REWARD, and RETURN.

 Faith Video On-Demand Live, ( is one of the world's fastest-growing providers of Internet broadcast services to faith-based organizations. also serves as the most heavily viewed online faith-based video community.

At, millions of people from around the world connect with ministries by: 
  • viewing more than thirty 24-hour broadband TV stations
  • listening to twenty radio stations, and 
  • experiencing over 1,000 live events per month.  

 Faith Video On-Demand serves some of the most influential ministries in the United States and abroad, including: Bishop Paul S. Morton, Pastor Darryl S. Brister, Dr. Erice Lambert, Pastor AL B. Sermon, Bishop J.V. Porter, The God Channel, and many others.

If you would like to learn more about this great service, please feel free to contact my friend Chuck Johnson at:

Free Internet Marketing Tip 364

How it works:

You launch Skype Call Recorder by clicking on the Riviera for Skype icon:

It appears minimized in a system tray and starts to monitor incoming and outgoing Skype calls immediately:

On first start, Riviera will try to connect to Skype, and you will receive an authorization request. Please click on the  “Allow access” button to allow Riviera to use Skype:

This is a main screen of Riviera Skype call recorder. 
It has a table with a list of already recorded Skype calls and a built-in player for playing back your recordings. Each recording is stored in a separate MP3 file.

When you make a call (or receive a call) the Skype call recorder displays a dialogue box asking if you want to record the call. If you don’t want to see this screen next time, just click the “Do not ask again and start recording call immediately” check box and next time a call will be recorded automatically.

You may stop / start recoding any time during the call:

Now you can play any recording with the built-in MP3 player or press the “Open Folder” button to open the folder containing previous MP3 files with recordings:

Built-in player:

Folder with call recordings:

Window with settings:

Buy Riviera for Skype now and start recording Skype calls!

You can get more food for thought from the Riviera for Skype home page:

Here is a link to download Riviera for Skype :

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