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2012 and Current Events

On this page you will find a variety of information pertaining to events currently shaping our world.  Most of the events that I will focus on will deal primarily with Christianity, the Rapture, and what awaits the world after God's Church is taken from it.

I realize that I'm a little ridiculous with it, but as you all know, I've been into this 2012 stuff for a pretty long time now.  In fact, below is an email that I recently sent to a friend of mine up here that I'd like for you to check out when you get the chance.  It's pretty lengthy, but I'm confident that you'll take something away from it.

Crazy or not, I'd feel really bad if something went down and I didn't share this with you guys.

"...Hey bro.  Sorry to bother you, but I'm always intrigued when I find individuals who share my beliefs and mindset.  Unfortunately, they are very few and far between.  Be that as it may, I stumbled upon an interesting website today that I'd like to share with you.  The architect is a guy named Clinton Ortiz.  He believes that Britain's Prince William is the anti-christ (which, I agree is a bit far-fetched), but the website is full of interesting data pertaining to endtime prophecy.  Here's an excerpt:

"...As a result, Jesus makes for clear instruction in Matthew Chapter 24 for us to be: sober, and mindful of these things, to watch for the impending signs, and most importantly, to be ready. This event then, the global removal of the world's Christian population (followed by the great global destruction or purification as it is called by New Agers), is what prepares the world for the Antichrist to quickly rise and take almost uncontested control of the planet. Verily, one should (from this point forward) always look at Matthew Chapter 24 as the one-stop shop for clear evidence regarding the Rapture, most of which has likely escaped your understanding before. 

Inform others of this Blessed Event coming any day now, even on a day or night when you aren't expecting it. The fact that Jesus said He will come to gather us up like a "thief in the night" is definitive proof of the pre-Tribulation Rapture in itself, and points to its unexpectedness at that. This makes clear that the rapture could not occur at any point within the Tribulation Period (be it midway through or even at its end) because the Tribulation would be the exact time that Christians the world over would be fully expecting Christ to return. 

Jesus will remove his Church for many reasons. 

The first being that we are as first fruits unto Him, a tradition that time and again asserts its importance not only within Jewish culture, but also unto God Himself. Second, two-billion or so Christians being left behind would mean the Antichrist couldn't rise to power, as we would protest his very ascension to such world prominence. Remember, Jesus  said that everyone present would all be deceived by many False Christs. How much more difficult will it be then to resist THE Antichrist himself? Consequently, Christ also stated that this would only occur if it were possible. What then makes it impossible? Why will False Prophets and the Antichrist himself be unable to deceive us? Two words...The Rapture.

Simply put, we won't be here. We are now at a point in history when all of the factors which Christ described surrounding the Rapture, are currently manifesting. Only the Father knows the exact date and time that He will send His Son for our rescue, which if you ask me, is a nod and a wink away from making it clear to us that the date of December 21st, 2012 (as predicted by the ancient Maya) will certainly NOT be the day of Rapture. As neither man, Maya, Angel, or even Jesus Himself knows of the exact date. However, I strongly believe that it will almost certainly be on some date just before or after December 2012, which interestingly enough, is the Mayan interpretation of a great Great Cataclysm to occur in which millions shall perish and the world will be forever changed thereafter. 

We now all know from the example of September 11th, and the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti, that epic disasters can occur in an instant and that in any of these same disasters, the sudden disappearance of Christian people will invariably be counted among the dead and missing. All the while the Antichrist will propagate his lies, never revealing the truth of where they really are. He will even claim the world has just witnessed the great global "Apocalypse" and that Jesus never returned to the earth, mocking the actual truth and thereby setting himself up as a new Christ figure in Jesus' place. 

Indeed, the Rapture will be anything but whatever the Antichrist will make it seem. God makes it known to us through His Word that while the world will have to endure such terrible suffering, not even a hair on our heads shall perish, because we will have been spared from the Wrath. Those who remain in the world, however, will be forced to endure the trials and ultimate test of the Tribulation. Satan knows that he cannot put his Man of Sin, the Antichrist, into effect until after the Holy Spirit and the world's Christian population are removed, so he's doing his best to reduce the vast number of worldwide Christians who shall instantly be taken into the presence of the Lord who loves us. 

Satan is presently attacking the Churches with one of his greatest deceptions, an entirely earthly self-gratifying egotistical pride, and left-wing styled liberalism by which everything from the acceptance of homosexuality and other such immoral lifestyles are pushed to the forefront of society. Plus, the great sin of murder via abortion, as well as the complete removal of anything Christian within the overly-liberalized society in which we are currently immersed. Certainly America is under a great attack by Satan and his entirely evil host, yet God shall save His people at exactly the right time."

I have been a "December 21, 2012" enthusiast for quite some time, and it always bothered me that so many different cultures point to this year with extreme significance; because the Bible indeed claims that no one will know the actual date of the Rapture or that of Christ's Return.  However, Ortiz has helped clarify this issue for me, and has made me think now that 2012 will not be the actual end, but moreso, the beginning of the end.  Something devastating will go down in 2012.  And this event will usher in the conditions for the anti-christ to assume power and carry out the prophecy of the Scriptures.

Unfortunately, Satan is deceiving everyone by simultaneously making a mockery of the 2012 predictions and by falsely advocating fear among the masses by touting December 21st to be the last day. 
I strongly suggest that you check this website out.  I've only scratched the surface of it, but I'm already blown away by all of information it contains.  The link is grail code dot net (no spaces)."

Talk to you soon,

New Stuff:


Here is a link that displays a Google Map that pinpoints recent mass animal deaths and other strange occurrences in the natural world that seem to be progressing at an abnormally high rate:

Here is a link to an interesting conversation stream that relates Nostradamus' Century 2, Quatrain 62 Prophecy to: the Comet Elenin, Hosni Mubarak, and recent developments pertaining to the New Madrid Faultline:

The following is a list of keywords and terms that I suggest you check out (in relation to the year 2012) as soon as possible.  Please keep in mind that I do not support every Doomsday theory that you may happen to come across.  My best advice to you is to keep your eyes, heart, mind, and soul set toward Jesus.  I thoroughly believe that as long as we do our very best to be the best Christian Servants and Soldiers that we can be on a daily basis, then we personally have nothing to worry about.  However, I feel that it is a responsibility of mine to pass along this information with the hope that it will in some way further God's Kingdom here on earth, and somehow bring Glorification to the Name and Word of Jesus Christ.
  • Terrance McKenna
  • Timewave Zero
  • The Bible Code
  • Galactic Alighnment
  • Mayan, Hopi, and Egyptian Calendars
  • Web Bot
  • Magnetic Pole Shift
  • Book of Revelation
  • Nostradamus
  • Asteroids and Comets
  • Nephilim
  • Indigo
  • John Major Jenkins
  • Prophecy of St. Malachy
  • The Orion Prophecy
  • Richard C. Duncan
  • NIbiru
Trust me the aforementioned list will keep you busy for awhile, but I will check in periodically with any new and pertinent information that I come across.  May God Bless you and your's, and please feel free to comment or contact us at anytime with questions, concerns, or general feedback.