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Mike Huckabee for President 2012!

Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee

Huckabee on Abortion

• Michael Dale is not for abortion as he strongly feels that life starts in 
the womb itself and it is each and every one's duty to do all that you 
can to nurture that precious tiny life growing inside you. 

• He strongly agrees that it will surely benefit America if the Roe v. 
Wade is repealed.

• Michael opposes embryonic stem cell research as he believes that 
it is not really right to give a life to end one.

• He once stated that "I would support and be willing to lead a Human 
Life amendment to the constitution."

• Michael Huckabee supports defunding of planned parenthood.

• He agreed to sign an anticipated legislation to forbid all abortion 
apart from any danger the mother's life may be in.  He believes that 
life is a gift from God and we have no right to end it. 

• He strongly stands for the elimination of public funding for abortion 
organizations which support or conduct abortions.

• He declared that "I am pro-life but I know not everyone agrees with 
me on the topic and I respect that. But in this day in which we talk 
about choice and the importance of it, surely we can agree that if 
under the Supreme Court choice is mandated, that choice should 
be as educated a choice as is humanly possible."

Huckabee on Afghanistan

• Mike Huckabee has expressed his full support for the war in 
Afghanistan and is also of the impression that the "war should not 
be judged while the United States is in the midst of it."
• Huckabee agrees that the Al Qaeda is a threatening cancer 
diagnosed in Afghanistan but drives home the theory that one 
does not deal with cancer by "pretending it doesn't exist."
• He is all praise for President Obama's wise decisions regarding 
the war on terror in Afghanistan and feels everyone should extend 
their 'non-partisan' support to the President as he aims to finish 
America's international involvement in the eight-year Afghanistan 
• However, he has expressed his displeasure in withdrawing the 
American troops from America in July 2011. Huckabee has brushed 
aside this timetable as 'a huge mistake' and is not too optimistic that 
President Obama will be able to stick to his time line, without running 
the risk of ultimately abandoning it.
• Huckabee has reasons for his opposition of a public timetable and 
justifies it with the simple theory that the Taliban, Al Qaeda and the 
Afghan locals will perceive this mention of a specific date as evidence 
that the American troops will, most certainly, leave the country within 
the first few days of July 2011. This step alone, Huckabee feels, is a 
wrong message that will demoralize the Afghan and Pakistani armed 
forces and make the countries more unstable.
• According to Huckabee, the Afghanistan government has been highly 
disappointing and clearly stated that the US cannot withdraw.
• Huckabee continues to insist his viewpoint that neighboring countries 
should extend their support, both militarily and financially.

Huckabee on the Budget

• Mike Huckabee former Republican Governor of Arkansas stands for 
elimination of federal income and payroll taxes.

• Mike Huckabee claims that he steered Arkansas from a $200 million 
deficit to an $850 million surplus.

• He likened Obama's Health Care Bill to that of a poll tax or in other 
words just a redistribution of wealth. He in fact advocates the policy 
of Preventive health.

• If elected President Mike Huckabee has said that he would not 
support the raising of income taxes at the Federal Level.

• He has a history of cutting around 90 taxes while he was Governor 
and also supports abolition of death tax. He supports fair Tax a 23% 
tax on consumption.

• He believed in voluntary personal accounts that pay a higher rate of 
return for youngsters. This will help supplement their social security 

• He believes in using alternative or renewable energy like bio diesel 
and cut costs on oil and petroleum. He advocates setting aside an 
Research and Development budget that will also be done by the 
private sector to develop new forms of energy.

• He also supports amniotic fluid and umbilical cord stem cell 
research and stresses on the need for scientists to convince politician 
to divert funds to this area.

• He supports the amendment to the Homeland Security Bill which 
sets aside $3 billion for this purpose. These funds are intended for 
training and deployment of 23000 more law enforcement personnel, 
erect 105 radar and camera towers and build 700 miles of fence.

• He advocates increased spending for defense purposes.

• Huckabee would maintain long-term solvency of Social Security and 

• He wants to maintain federal funding of Social Services Block Grants.

Huckabee on Business & Labor

• Mike Huckabee expressed support for a Guest Worker Program 
similar to that supported by Bush.

• He backs mandatory citizenship verification for immigrant workers 
on the part of the employers and believes in fining and penalizing 
employers of illegal employees.

• For manufacturers who build products domestically he supports a 
broad new tax credit policy. This category includes auto makers, 
appliance makers and seven software developers.

• He believed that excessive litigation, red tape and regulations cause 
job losses and promised as President he would part a lot of the red 
tape involved.

• He pointed out that a lot of workers are underpaid while CEO salaries 
continue to rise therefore making the growth of a strong labor force 
inevitable in the United States.

• According to him since 80% of all jobs in the country come from small 
businesses, they need more investment, growth opportunities and 
support from the government.

• He was for vetoing the Employment Nondiscrimination Act that would 
also include sexual orientation into Federal Law. This would protect 
business owners from doing things that would violate their moral 

• He described Wal-Mart as a case study in the genius of the American 
market place. He commended the fact that it paid higher wages to its 
labor force and was always impressed with its exemplary corporate 

• He commented that Consumerism is addictive but tranquility is 

• He recognized the fact that there is 33% more unemployment among 
the black community, a lot due to racial differences and stressed on 
increasing educational and employment opportunities for them
to destroy the inequality that prevails.

Huckabee on Capital Punishment

• Mike Huckabee has been accused of dodging the issue of Capital 
Punishment; at times supporting and at times going against the issue.

• While Governor of the state of Arkansas, he is said to have carried 
out the death penalty sixteen more times than any other state 

• At the same time Huckabee oversaw a number of pardons and 
commutations of prisoners. He justified it by saying this was to get 
them into the workforce.

• Huckabee said that as much as he didn't like the death penalty, 
he had to carry it out in his state since it was part of his job and 
this he did after reading every transcript and page in the file and 
said he certainly didn't enjoy it. In fact he is said to have hated 
every minute of it.

• He opined that it was a necessary part of our criminal justice system 
for those crimes for which there is no alternative. But he did say that it 
was the worst job he had to carry out as governor.

• Huckabee said to support the Death penalty biblically as well as 

• He feels he always did the right thing whenever he gave the last 
word on all the executions he signed for saying that this right was 
justified against moral absolutes in the midst of an imperfect world.

• The Washington Post in its main political blog once commented - 
Mike Huckabee has nothing to say about the fact that the death 
penalty is disproportionately carried out in case of African Americans, 
that decisions to apply it are formed from careless investigations in 
crime labs and a host of other issues surrounding this gruesome 

Huckabee on China

• He says that it is necessary to balance US trade relationships with 
China. He advocates a tougher regulatory stance.

• Huckabee says that The US has not challenged them enough on 
intellectual property rights. He attributes this reason for Chinese 
food and toys that are not safe coming into the country.

• He commented that the American government has failed in it's 
attempts to curb currency manipulations on the part of Chinese 
traders who buy up large amounts of currency and then proceed 
to manipulate them to artificially lower their prices and force things 
back into the country.

• Huckabee pointed out that this practice has led to a trade deficit 
which is over $232 billion.

• During his campaign he said that he is not as concerned about China 
as he is about more radical and threatening regimes.

• In 2006, Mike Huckabee visited Taiwan and met with President Chen 
Shui-bian. In 2005 he as Governor of Arkansas had passed a resolution 
commending US-Taiwan Free Trade agreement.

• The National Governors Association passed a resolution supporting 
Taiwan in 2003, during Mike Huckabee's time as NGA Chairman.

• He commented that China needs to adhere to all the rules which are 
required to be met in trade issues, intellectual property rights and the 
decent treatment of workers.

• He said that China is becoming more a part of the mainstream in 
economic development as well as in giving liberties to the people.

Huckabee on Civil Liberties

• Mike Huckabee favors a federal ban on Abortion.

• He is a Death penalty Retentionist having witnessed 17 executions 
in his state of Arkansas while serving as governor.

• Apart from this he is an extremely progressive Republican on most 
criminal justice issues.

• Huckabee voiced his opinion that certain Federal campaign finance 
reform proposals would violate the First Amendment.

• He is a strong supporter of immigrant's rights. He opposed a proof 
of citizenship voting law, discouraged government raids and supported 
an instate tuition rate for undocumented residents.

• At the same time he also supports increased border security.

• Huckabee opposes the Employment Non discrimination Act and 
the addition of sexual orientation and gender identity to federal hate 
crime laws.

• He has repeatedly criticized racial disparities in the criminal justice 
system and is known to have established a racial reconciliation 
initiative in Arkansas in 1997.

• He strongly supports the rights to bear arms and has an A+ rating 
from the National Rifles Association.

• He is known to be the best republican candidate on civil liberties 
issues following 9/11 and has voiced his disgust against torture 
and ethnic profiling.

• Huckabee has been recognized as the mainstream politics best 
candidate for Social conservatism and not be underestimated at any 

Huckabee on Cuba

• Mike Huckabee previously supported lifting the embargo but later on 
changed his stance.

• He was accused of changing his stance for Cuba in an attempt to 
appeal to a particular group of people before an election.

• In December of 2007 he commented that he would veto any efforts to 
end trade restrictions on the Caribbean country.

• In 2002 while in office as Governor of Arkansas he had commented 
that the embargo was harmful to American business.

• He vowed to outdo even President Bush in bringing down the rule of 
Fidel Castro and also punish those who do business there.

• Following Castro's decision to step down, Mike Huckabee called for 
'free and fair elections' in Cuba but also commented that until Castro 
dies there can be no significant movement towards reform in Cuba.

• He said that Raul Castro seems to be as much of a tyrant and dictator 
as Fidel.

• In January 2008 Fox news reported Mike Huckabee to have said to 
propose halting immigration from such countries that are listed as 
state sponsors of terrorism which includes Cuba.

• Governor Huckabee then back tracked saying that he wanted a 
review of immigration procedures with regard to people coming from 
countries in the list of state sponsors of terrorism. He recommended 
a more diligent approach to back ground checks of immigrants 
coming into the country from places like Cuba.

Huckabee on the Economy

• Mike Huckabee aims at expanding the 'Hope Now' program which 
is a voluntary alliance between the government and subprime 
lenders to helped troubled borrowers.

• He proposes various tax cuts and finally abolishing the income tax 
with sales tax.

• Build a homeland security fence along the Mexican border to prevent 
illegal workers from entering the country.

• Huckabee would increase the usage of wind power and decrease 
dependence on foreign oil.

• Abolish marriage penalty and death tax and advocate further tax 

• Extend rebate to all purchases made below the poverty line so that 
the poor are not taxed.

• Increase defense spending by $200 billion.

• Extend expiring tax cuts from Bush's term and make college fees 

• Mike Huckabee proclaimed that he would not support any new taxes 
but would concentrate on reducing federal spending.

• Huckabee did say if we enter a new level of war there would be no 
choice but to raise the taxes.

• He supports flat tax, globalization and line item veto power believing 
that the line item veto power will help to curb spending.

• He supports free trade to rake in more revenue but insists it has to 
be fair trade.

• In order to decrease spending he said he would get rid of the Inland 
Revenue Service and revamp Department of Homeland Security.

• Huckabee advocates reigning in out of control spending to balance 
the budget.

Huckabee on Energy

• Believes that we should "Explore and Conserve" energy.

• Supports offering incentives for companies which develop renewable 

• Wants research and development spending in alternative fuels.
Huckabee on the Environment

• Mike Huckabee is known for his pro-environmental views and 
believes that people should be good stewards to the environment 
regardless of the cause.

• Outdoor Life magazine selected Huckabee as one of the 25 most 
influential people for conservation. He was also named as Man of the 
Year by the American Sportfishing Association in 1997.

• "I have always been a conservationist. Stewardship of the air and 
land and soil is very important to me. I will follow the principle I learned 
from the Boy Scouts: Always leave the land better than when you 
found it. I am proud of my record in Arkansas, building constructive 
consensus on key issues. I look forward to bringing the same 
leadership to America."

• His stated his views on global warming, "The most important thing 
about global warming is this. Whether humans are responsible for the 
bulk of climate change is going to be left to the scientists, but it is all 
of our responsibility to leave this planet in better shape for the future 
generations than we found it."
• Huckabee believes that human beings are just the caretakers of the 
magnificent creation of planet earth. "I believe that even our 
responsibility to God means that we have to be good stewards of this 
Earth, be good caretakers of the natural resources that don't belong to 
us, we just get to use them. We have no right to abuse them."

• The former governor of Arkansas supported conserving the Buffalo 
River in the northern part of the state when he took a stand against the 
construction of dams at the site. "While I understand that building 
dams on streams can sometimes be useful in flood control, the 
creation of water reservoirs necessary for sustaining life, or for the 
production of electricity, we must be careful to balance our use of 
those resources to ensure that we do not lose all our natural treasures 
by altering them."

Huckabee on Foreign Affairs

• Mike Huckabee urges a thorough reform of the Unites States' foreign 
policy. The attitude and tone of America in its foreign policy should 
change. The nation must open itself up and reach out to

others. This should at the same time be with no compromise on the 
issue of sovereignty of the nation.

• The foreign policy outline of Mike Huckabee revolves around the 
objectives such as eliminating the terrorist threat, bringing normalcy 
in Iraq, containing Iran and taking a tough stand with Pakistan.

• Regarding the question of religious terrorism, "A more successful 
U.S. foreign policy needs to better explain Islamic jihadism to the 
American people. Given how Americans have thrived on diversity -- 
religious, ethnic, racial -- it takes an enormous leap of imagination to 
understand what Islamic terrorists are about, that they really do want 
to kill every last one of us and destroy civilization as we know it. If 
they are willing to kill their own children by letting them detonate 
suicide bombs, then they will also be willing to kill our children for 
their misguided cause."

• Huckabee also feels that this fight is not against the world but against 
the terrorists themselves. "My administration will recognize that the 
United States' main fight today does not pit us against the world but 
pits the world against the terrorists."

• In the Israel-Palestine issue, Huckabee considers the state of Israel as 
a strategic ally of the United States of America. At the same time he 
respects Palestine too. Huckabee is also of the impression that there is 
no need for Israel to give up Golan Heights or West Bank, a main 
sticking point.

Huckabee on Guantanamo

• Mike Huckabee former Republican Governor of Arkansas stands for 
elimination of federal income and payroll taxes.

• Mike Huckabee claims that he steered Arkansas from a $200 million 
deficit to an $850 million surplus.

• He likened Obama's Health Care Bill to that of a poll tax or in other 
words just a redistribution of wealth. He in fact advocates the policy of 
Preventive health.

• If elected President Mike Huckabee has said that he would not 
support the raising of income taxes at the Federal Level.

• He has a history of cutting around 90 taxes while he was Governor 
and also supports abolition of death tax. He supports fair Tax a 23% 
tax on consumption.

• He believed in voluntary personal accounts that pay a higher rate of 
return for youngsters. This will help supplement their social security 

• He believes in using alternative or renewable energy like bio diesel 
and cut costs on oil and petroleum. He advocates setting aside an 
Research and Development budget that will also be done by the 
private sector to develop new forms of energy.

• He also supports amniotic fluid and umbilical cord stem cell research 
and stresses on the need for scientists to convince politician to divert 
funds to this area.

• He supports the amendment to the Homeland Security Bill which sets 
aside $3 billion for this purpose. These funds are intended for training 
and deployment of 23000 more law enforcement personnel, erect 105 
radar and camera towers and build 700 miles of fence.

• He advocates increased spending for defense purposes.

• Huckabee would maintain long-term solvency of Social Security and 

• He wants to maintain federal funding of Social Services Block Grants.

Huckabee on Gun Control

• Mike Huckabee strongly supports the right to bear arms and opposes 
restrictions on access to firearms.

• "My position on the Second Amendment to the Constitution is as clear 
for me as the position

held by most journalists toward the 1st Amendment. While I do not 
consider myself a "gun nut," I proudly own a variety of firearms and 
enjoy hunting as well as sports shooting. But even if I were not a 
hunter or did not enjoy shooting, I would still be a firm believer in 
the 2nd Amendment right of Americans to own firearms for 
self-protection and as a matter of principle."

• Huckabee also explained the rationale behind his stance: "There are 
700,000 physicians in the US and the number of accidental deaths 
caused by them per year is 120,000, making the accidental death rate 
per physician 17%. Using the same logic, there are about 80 million 
gun owners, and the number of accidental gun deaths per year among 
all age groups is 1,500. The same calculation reveals the number of 
accidental deaths per gun owner to be 0.00188%. In other words, 
statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 more times more 
dangerous than gun owners. Yet, I hear no one suggesting we ban 

• Huckabee has his views on the issue of 'Castle Doctrine', a 
legislation which delineates the person's right to "stand his or her 
ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she 
reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great 
bodily harm." Huckabee adds, "Personally, I think it's the way it ought 
to be. We ought to have the right to protect ourselves." 

Huckabee on Health Care

• Believes the government should ensure that all citizens have access 
to basic health care.

• Wants to address lifestyle choices that lead to chronic illnesses.

• Call for health insurance reforms and supports premiums for healthy 

• Supports state funded care where necessary.

Huckabee on Immigration

• Opposes driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.

• Huckabee opines that illegal immigrants should go home and start 
over again.  According to him it is not being cruel but being kind to 
those who have spent their lives in hiding and running on sighting a 
police car. He feels that the country owes this priority to the legal ones 
who have been waiting in line for a long time. This would make sense 
and protect the borders and the dignity of each person in the country.

• Huckabee proposed building a border fence within the first 18 months 
of taking office. By doing this there would be no open door for people 
to just walk in and out of at will. According to him Americans are not 
angry that people are coming into the country but instead they thank 
God that people are trying to break into their country rather than break 
out of it, but they should come in legally which would be better for the 
country and themselves.

• Huckabee wants the American citizens to hold their heads up high. 
But with the illegal immigrants it is not possible since they are 
throughout America in hiding while at the same time trying to feed their 
families.  He wants all citizens in the US to live decently and hence the 
illegal immigrants should start all over again and get a legal citizenship 
in order to live decently with a sense of pride and not fear.

• Huckabee acknowledges America's need for doctors and engineers 
in abundance but says they should enter the country legally.

Huckabee on Iran

• Huckabee is in full support of having diplomatic talks with Iran. 
According to him the administration should not take the military 
option from Iran off the table, nor would Huckabee himself do it. 
The military option would become viable only if the US had 
exhausted other options. 

• According to Mike Huckabee the US is proceeding down a one way 
track where Iran is concerned and leading to 'armed confrontation.' 

• Huckabee strongly believes that the negotiations held recently with 
Iran in regard to Iraq were narrowly focused and did not explore the 
complete range of possibilities.

• Mike Huckabee reiterates that many Iranians are well disposed 
towards the US. He provides evidence of this by commenting "we 
should remember that on 9/11, while there was dancing in the street 
in other parts of the Muslim world, there were candlelight vigils and 
mourning in Tehran."

• Huckabee was quoted saying that Iran helped the US during the first 
invasion of Afghanistan, especially with the Northern Alliance.

• Huckabee whole heartedly welcomes the new sanctions against Iran 
since no direct business is done between Iran and the US, hence there 
will be no impact unless it is honored by other countries.

• In Huckabee's opinion, if China and Russia do not support the United 
Nations sanctions it would remain weak thus creating greater hope 
from Iran's biggest trading partner, the European Union. He feels that 
Nicholas Sarkozy, the President of France, would become a willing ally 
in this attempt.

Huckabee on Iraq

• Huckabee has stated that we invaded an imaginary country based on 
poor information.

• He supports going after al Qaeda safe havens in Pakistan.

• He believes that we should stay in Iraq because we're winning the war 
and walking away would be a loss.

• Huckabee supports training & arming the Kurds to prevent cross-
border PKK incursions.

• He stated that we bought Iraq because we broke it and that it is our 
responsibility to repair.

• He believes that the Iraqi government is disappointing but we must 
work with them and not give up.

• He insists that Iraqi neighbors assist militarily & financially.

• He believes that we needed 300,000 troops to win Iraq and must finish 
the job.

• He doesn't want to judge the war in Iraq while we're in the middle of it.

• He believes that emphasis on the Iraq war has made us overlook 
domestic agenda.

• He supported Bush's troop surge and says that opposing it is a 
dangerous position.

• He wants to finish the job in Iraq and finish it right.

Huckabee on Israel

• Mike Huckabee has mentioned that he's visited Israel nine times. He 
says that there is one true ally in the Middle East - and that's Israel, a 
tiny but vulnerable nation.

• It is understood that Mike Huckabee's idea for frequently visiting 
Israel was more because religious beliefs than issues of the US 
national security.

• Mike Huckabee's aides mentioned once that he did not lead 
government delegations but church groups when he visited Israel 
and his itineraries were more tailored to visits to religious sites.

• Huckabee's stand on foreign policy is twofold; get tough on 
terrorists and stand strong with Israel. 

• During the 2008 campaign Huckabee stated, "as president, I will 
always ensure that Israel has access to the state-of-the-art weapons 
and technology she needs to defend herself from those who seek her 

• Huckabee maintains that his foreign trips to Israel were for better 
presidential preparation and said, "if you make a trip overseas, you 
have a better perspective of the world."  

• When he talks about his faith he places it in a social justice and 
economic populism context rather than a foreign policy.

• He is for putting an end to hostility towards the Israeli people 
and giving them space to move around thus providing them with a 
permanent peace setup rather than temporary peace followed by a
long-term disaster.

• Huckabee feels there could be a two-state solution only when there is 
guarantee of concessions and security from the nations that surround 

Huckabee on the Minimum Wage

• He supported the $1.10-per-hour minimum wage increase.

• Does not favor a proposed constitutional amendment that would 
increase the minimum wage for inflation annually.
Huckabee on National Security

• Believes military strength is the best deterrent to enemies, but that 
strength also requires great restraint.

• Huckabee has pointed out that he is all for the technological steps 
that have been endorsed for national security like 'smart cards' that 
use RFID chips to identify the owners.

• He has said that he defends Guantanamo Bay detention facility as 
a very necessary step towards securing the nation. 

• Huckabee has disapproved of the way the federal government has 
placed too much burden on the states for homeland security. 

• Mike Huckabee has been actively involved as a representative of the 
state in the federal committees that are devoted to national security.

• In October 2007 he said "I believe that we are currently engaged in a 
world war. This war is not a conventional war, and these terrorists are 
not a conventional enemy."  Huckabee added, "The top priority of the 
President as Commander in Chief is first and foremost protecting our 
own citizens." On the same day he also said "With a focus on renewed 
diplomacy and inclusion, we can accomplish the goals of our nation 
without having to go it alone."

• Huckabee was part of the group that helped to form the Governors 
Homeland Security Advisory Council and he said, "This council is a 
unique opportunity for states to have a unified voice in the ongoing 
dialogue about how best to prevent and address homeland security 
and disaster concerns."

• Huckabee once said, "A true leader shares his power rather than 
shows his power. True greatness is revealed by humility rather than 

Huckabee on the Palestinian Issue

• Huckabee has been to Israel nine times in the last thirty five years 
and says he is a 'steadfast supporter' of Israel.

• In October 2007 he said that he believed that they should create a 
Palestinian state, but he also said that it should not be in Israel. 

• When asked if he would support a two-state solution i.e. Israel and 
Palestine beside each other, he replied, "Well, I would want to see 
where that side-by-side exists, because if you do something that 
puts the Israelis in a position of ultimate vulnerability, that may not 
be a healthy solution." He said that he was not yet ready to endorse 
a two-state solution until he knew where the two states would be 
located, and until he knew whether there was going to be any kind 
of assurance on security and some considerations from the 
countries that would border Israel. 

• When asked if he thought that Israel should give up West Bank, 
Huckabee replied, "No, I don't think so. I have been to Israel 9 times. 
I have been all throughout the Middle East. Anyone who goes to 
Israel, and just understands the unique geography and the unique 
tension that surrounds that area; it would be very problematic for 
Israel to give up the West Bank, from their own standpoint of

• He was stated to have said: "Jews should have the right to live 
wherever they choose in their homeland. If the Arabs didn't want to 
lose land, they shouldn't have started wars." 

Huckabee on Poverty

• Mike Huckabee has strongly reiterated that good and actual 
leadership is the one which recognizes the after-affect of political 
decisions on the man on the street like the waiter who waits at the 
tables, the man who collects the garbage, the driver of the truck 
and the laborer who shifts freight.
• Discussing about the First Amendment, Mike Huckabee is of the 
opinion that the main intention of the Amendment was to encourage 
the voices of faith instead of being prohibitive and restrictive. He 
has stated that although the First Amendment is often used 
illegitimately to shut out the voices of faith, the expression of faith 
does not come under the Government's jurisdiction or 
• Mike Huckabee has expressed support for continuation of the 
TANF, the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families which is a 
state-based program to eradicate poverty. This stand has won him 
appreciation of a number of state Governors who hold the opinion 
that maintenance of flexibility and funding levels are crucial for the 
success of the program.
• The reason for supporting TANF grants to states, according to Mike 
Huckabee, is that it is due to these grants that a large number of 
individuals have sought employment, families have become self 
sufficient and there has been a rise in personal responsibility.

• Mike Huckabee has proposed to increase the funding for Low Income 
Home Energy Assistance Program so that more number of low-income 
households can be provided with energy efficient improvements and 
adequate heating and cooling assistance.  

Huckabee on Prescription Drugs

• Mike Huckabee is not in favor of importation or re-importation of 
prescription drugs because he feels that this is the only way in which 
the US can maintain control over the quality and safety of drugs. 

• In order to bring about a reduction in the use of prescription drugs, 
Mike Huckabee has suggested prevention of disease to be a more 
effective solution rather than cure.

• Mike Huckabee has suggested a self discipline routine which should 
be followed by all Americans as a road to good health rather than rely 
on drugs. The practitioners of this routine should incorporate fruits and 
vegetables as a part of their daily diet, should eliminate fried foods, 
should exercise daily and read books based on health and fitness.

• Being a believer of preventive medicine rather than treatment care, Mike 
Huckabee is of the opinion that instead on falling ill, visiting a doctor and 
using prescription drugs, the healthcare system of the country should 
focus actively on prevention of diseases. 

• Mike Huckabee is strictly against the proposal of allowing Americans to 
buy drugs from other developed countries at a lower cost because he 
says this would make it difficult for the law to identify the source of 
fraudulent medicines which may prove to be harmful instead of 
beneficial. According to him it would also lead to a compromise on the 
high standards maintained by American pharmacies. 

• Since many of the prescription drugs are related to alcohol 
consumption and obesity, Mike Huckabee has suggested that healthy 
lifestyles which would result in the elimination of such habits should 
be rewarded with a reduction in their insurance expenditure. 
Huckabee on Same Sex Issues

• Mike Huckabee has firmly expressed his opposition to gay marriage 
by supporting a constitutional amendment banning it. Explaining his 
stance, he has provided the clarification that he is a firm supporter of 
traditional marriage and therefore opposes anything which is an 
alternative to the traditional form of marriage.

• On comparing same-sex marriage with polygamy, Mike Huckabee 
questions those who find his views bigoted and intolerant by asking 
that when the same stand is taken against polygamy then there are 
no accusations which are made.

• In spite of his opposition, Mike Huckabee holds the personal opinion 
that every individual has the right to decide his own sexual preference 
regardless of the opinion held by others even though the choice may 
not be consistent with the rules of the Bible.

• Mike Huckabee is of the view that instead of approving same-sex 
marriage people should be concentrating on improving the existent 
norm of a heterosexual marriage as this is the only way to improve 
the society.

• Expressing the view that same-sex marriage would mean re-defining 
the institution of marriage, Mike Huckabee says that a re-definition of 
an age-old institution is not required by the society if the goals of 
progress and improvement in the right direction are to be achieved.

• Mike Huckabee has long been associated with the movement which 
opposes granting of any rights to same-sex couples. In this regard, he 
has even expressed his dismay at the court ruling which rejected a ban 
on same-sex parents saying that the court seems more interested in 
granting the needs of gay couples rather than the needs of children 
requiring foster care.
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