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Monday, July 20, 2009

Free Internet Marketing Tip 199

If you have Internet marketing questions, I will personally answer YOUR question by video for absolutely no cost or catch...

I started a new "video spotlight" where I pick a new member question each day and create a custom 3-minute video answer and post it for you.

This isn't some canned collection of how-to videos that dance around your topic. This is MY answer to YOUR exact question. (you also win a custom T-shirt that I pay shipping to send you when your question is picked!)

All you need to do is submit your question and then check out the spotlight each day for your answer + prize T-shirt. (if you're in a hurry just post your question to my blog at and then bookmark the spotlight at to check it daily.)

See, it's all part of the new Internet marketing social network I launched called Marketing Mastermind--it's like Twitter + Facebook COMBINED but dedicated to Internet Marketing, AND it's totally offers, no upsells.

1,000s of Internet marketers have already discovered it's become the #1 social network dedicated to Internet marketing. gives you the connectedness of social networking sites, the content of top Internet marketing courses, and the support and help of marketing Experts in every major skill area...all in ONE.

As a Marketing Mastermind member, you can:

- Design and start your own blog in just a few mouse clicks with zero technical knowledge

- Ask and get answers from experts to your toughest marketing questions

- Meet 1,000s of other marketers, make new friends, and create powerhouse Joint Venture relationships

- Announce your upcoming launches to the entire community of Internet marketers

- Form or join your very own mastermind group and share ideas

- Download top quality internet marketing content and products

- Instant message and real time chat with other members

- Upload, share, and rate photos, audios, and videos

- Earn points for being active and spend them on cool stuff in the virtual store

- Customize your own homepage with the features, programs, and cool stuff you want

- and so much more!

With Marketing Mastermind you never need to feel alone, stuck in neutral, or frustrated about your online business again, because

it's your go-to source for everything Internet marketing...

And now you can even get your marketing questions answered personally in your own custom video reply!

Post your question here:

Check here and bookmark it to watch the 3-minute spotlight each day and when you see your question answered you win a Marketing Mastermind T-shirt:

Your Partner in Success,

P.S. I have a number of open spots right now but they will fill up fast--post your question now for fastest results!

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