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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free Internet Marketing Tip 247

Our GV is a solid 7 year old company with real offices and fantastic customer support!

Join for Free and earn 2.5 cents on every search you make from your customized tool bar!
If you do upgrade then it's 5 cents per click!
Let's do the math!
100 Searches a day x .05 = $150.00/Month500 Searches a day x .05 = $750.00/Month1000 Searches a day x .05 = $1500.00/Month
Non-Profit Organizations earn up to .10 cents for EVERY Yahoo search made by EVERY member using the Our GV toolbar! (Join The Ronald McDonald House the United Way and the Willow Creek Community Church who are already enjoying the benefits of the Our GV/Yahoo toolbar!)(As an Affiliate you will earn 2 cents for EVERY search made by the Entire organization!))
Here is what the United Way has said with regards to our services!
"To say we are happy with the program is an understatement. The Benefitbar/Fundit team created a fundraising program at no cost to us. Each check we receive reminds us of how simple the program was to initiate, implement and distribute to our membership and supporters." The United Way (Kate Kroman)
Lets say that the organization has 100 members!
Each member clicks 10 times per day!
At .10 cents per click that's $3000.00 per month for that organization!!!
Starting to see the Magic? Sign up for F**e today!
Also included on Your toolbar is a Fantastic Mall with over 1500 stores (depending on the country in which you live,) including Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Home Depot! You will receive discounted online prices and you will earn a commission on all purchases!
Watch this short Video which explains the Our GV/Yahoo Fundraising opportunity in more detail.
I am here to help you in any way that I can. (Within reason of course ... lol!) You'll find my personal contact info below. I look forward to helping you achieve the success which you desire. Together we all succeed!
Nothing Happens without Action!
Take Action Today!
Grant Drew, Our GV - CoordinatorHome 705-944-8990Work 705-742-2636

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