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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Free Internet Marketing Tip 288

We hope that you are staying warm this winter 2010. We just came out with a new website layout and by the time spring comes around next month, you will be enjoying the new features that we'll soon be releasing.

We will be updating the website again with an exciting new addition to Bukisa: Bukisa Topics. Bukisa Topics will consist of dedicated pages for a variety of topics, aggregating relevant entries such as videos, news and of course - Bukisa's articles. Authors will not only have their content sharply targeted to their niche readers, but will also have the privilege to create and manage new topic pages.

We have revamped our whole Bukisa layout, making our homepage more professional looking and making our content pages more reader friendly.

Ads have been moved to new locations to be less of an eyesore when reading articles. This will help keep new readers reading your content.

We have gotten great feedback on our latest layout:
UmiNoor wrote: "I love the new layout. It looks so professional and easy on the eyes. Congratulations Bukisa."
Evis T wrote: "I love the new design layout. With all the adverts on one side it makes the text cleaner, easier to read and looks FAR more professional. An excellent move."

New Login
In addition to traditional login and login via Facebook, we have added login via OpenID. OpenID allows you to use an existing account to sign in to multiple websites, without needing to create new passwords. For more information about and creating an OpenID, click HERE.

We have revamped your MyBukisa page for user friendliness. There is now a MyBukisa Dashboard on the left hand side of the homepage, at the top of every logged in Bukisa page, and also widgets on the dashboard page itself. This will guarantee that you will never get lost and will always find your way to where you want to go easily!

Bukisa Cleanup
We have been working very hard to remove articles and users that have posted content containing spam, self-promotional advertisements, and copyright violations. We are now checking every article submitted for copyright violations, in order to make Bukisa the #1 informational site on the web. Furthermore, due to a high level of user-abuse, we have had to get strict and anyone posting spam or using illegal traffic exchange (or links) risks automatic account suspension no questions asked.

As we are still young and growing rapidly, we encourage your feedback and ideas!
Love a feature? Hate a feature? Have a suggestion? Let us know!!!

All the best and keep up the good work,

Simon & The Bukisa Team

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