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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free Internet Marketing Tip 129

6 People Who Sold Their Sites and Their Stories

by Quiet Light Brokerage

In the past we have shared stories of individuals who successfully sold their profitable websites – and we have had plenty of stories to choose from. Over the past couple of years, we have assisted over 60 individuals who have successfully sold their sites for far more money than they will make in a single year.

Many people that we talk to are skeptical that there are buyers for their websites given the current marketplace. But the fact is that buyers are still actively looking for websites – sites like yours – that they can acquire. Below are the stories of 6 people who we have recently helped.

1. A Dropshipping Site Sells Wigs – Asking Price $420,000 - SOLD

This was a wonderfully run website that we were happy to list. We assisted the owner in putting together all of the preparatory materials, finding a buyer, and negotiating a price that was very competitive in the current marketplace.

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2. Cell Phone Informational Site – Asking Price $65,000 - SOLD

Many of us have websites that we have largely ignored or forgotten about. That was the case with this website. It had earned the owner a nice side income for years, but the time came that he needed some extra cash. We listed his site and were able to negotiate a quick and painless offer for a price that was far more than he would make in the next 24 months.

3. Elderly Accessibility Products – Asking Price: $1,500,000 - SOLD

The owner of this business is looking at retiring in a few years. We were able to provide him with a nice boost to his retirement savings after finding a buyer who wrote him a check for seven figures.

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4. Cloth Diaper Sites – Multiple Sites - SOLD

We have seen multiple cloth diaper websites come through our service, and we have been happy to help them. If your site is profitable and has a year’s worth of history, chances are very good that we can sell it, regardless of the size.

5. Informational Organization Site – Asking $225,000 - SOLD

No two sites are the same – some sites are e-commerce with inventory, others are dropship, others are affiliate sites, and some are just informational that receive money through advertising. This site was full of great organizational information. We found a buyer that was a perfect fit and was able to move quickly for a sale.

6. Online Fabric Shop – Asking $45,000 - SOLD

This business resembled a traditional business in that they carried inventory, manually fulfilled orders, and actually spoke with their customers. Whether your website is heavily tech-centered or a more traditional business, there are buyers who are looking for your site.

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7. Dozens of Others - Sold for as little as $10,000 and as high as $2mm!

We could go on and on about all the different types of websites that buyers are looking for, but the fact remains thatyour website is valuable - possibly more valuable than you ever imagined!

Ask yourself this: would you sell your website if you knew that you would earn in 1 month more than you could make over the next 2 or 3 years? Do you have any websites that you own that you simply do not pay attention to anymore? What would you do if you sold your site like the people above?? Would you pay off debt? Start a new project? Take a vacation?

Whatever you do with what you make from your website is completely up to you.

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Whether you are making $100,000/month with your website or $500/month with your website, there is a very good chance that your website is extremely valuable.

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Quiet Light Brokerage was created to address and fullfill a niche of Internet Business Owners looking to sell their website from $10k-$5mm, but had nowhere to turn to. By recognizing this growing trend, QLB provides a multitude of services both for buyers and sellers.

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