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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free Internet Marketing Tip 92

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***The Associated Press plans soon to sic a scraper-bot on the Web to find swiped AP content. While no one would argue with taking on scraper sites, the vagueness of AP news editor Ted Bridis might be worth considering. In an interview with Ars Technica, Bridis talked of a new technology (that writer Matthew Lasar cleverly described as a "search-and-maybe-threaten bot") that is on the horizon for the AP. The technology will identify and flag webpages copying entire AP articles. Upon flagging, AP lawyers would review. A scraper-bot would be nice, a positive technology to evolve from this fiasco. What you do you think? Bridis insisted the news organization would not be going after bloggers or publications excerpting a paragraph of AP content and linking to the original. He admitted AP sometimes borrows excerpts from newspapers and crafts their own story around it. But Bridis stopped there and made no such concessions about usage of headlines and AP ledes. Arguing the so-called "hot news misappropriation" doctrine, this could affect search engines, aggregators, and sites like the Drudge Report who display headlines and the first line of an article. Also under the radar would be articles written based on AP content, especially commercial websites rewriting with hedges like "the AP has reported" or the "AP said." That's where the vagueness is troubling, and where the lines are fairly blurry. It's hard to tell if there is more emphasis on commercial or on an attribution method. It is also unclear what is meant by "rewriting." Does he define rewriting only as reporting the facts with only a word or two changed (i.e., plagiarism)? Or does Bridis also include rewriting as retelling a story in different words, or even summarizing facts? Should the AP be able to dictate which facts are fair to retell, which styles are acceptable to retell them, which sentences are acceptable to excerpt, and how attribution is to be made? Let us know. Depending on how these questions are answered, Bridis could be drawing a line between blogs and news sites, essentially saying nonprofit bloggers can quote and refer but commercial news sites cannot. He's also drawing a line between textual storytelling and verbal storytelling. Bridis seems to suggest any commercial, textual relay of information wouldn't be considered "fair" use, so long as they can, in a decentralized communication universe, prove the AP was the only outfit that knew certain facts. That argument is rather stunning considering the AP is a distributor of news first written elsewhere in the world at local publications. What's extra interesting is that though the AP has criticized fair use as a "misguided" legal theory, the organization itself is insisting on its own with a "hot news" doctrine, which is mostly semantic device to create a separate category for "facts," which are not copyrightable in the first place. Ninety years ago, the AP sued William Randolph Hearst's International News Service (INS) for swiping breaking news the AP had gathered and distributing the news on its own. Over a lengthy court battle reaching the Supreme Court, the "hot news" doctrine was born. Though the AP essentially lost the suit because the courts found that facts could not be copyrighted, hot news (a scoop) was designated as a special kind of property to which the outlet breaking the news had exclusive rights for a limited amount of time. Just how long these special kinds of facts are protected is unclear, especially in the Internet age, when hot news gets cold much faster. To succeed in its efforts, the AP will have significant legal hurdles in front of it. The organization will have to redefine fair use, get a court to uphold that some facts are protected and set some kind of timetable for that protection, explain how textually reporting facts to an Internet audience is different from reporting facts to any other audience by any other method, find a logical differentiation between bloggers and journalists, between Internet forums/social networks and water cooler conversations, convince courts previous precedents regarding aggregating, linking and snippeting should be overturned, all while avoiding federal charges of anticompetitive behavior. Those are some pretty tall hurdles, and likely a 90-year-old argument from a different world isn't going to be able to jump them. About the Author: Jason Lee Miller is a WebProNews editor and writer covering business and technology.

A Recipe For Keyword Research: One of the most important ingredients in keyword research is understanding the language your target market speaks. Unless the consumer has been in the same meetings and viewed the same PowerPoint presentation as you, they aren't likely going to be using that language to search. Competitors Linking To Their Own Site By: thersey We noticed that most of our competitors are linking their own pages to their website and it is showing up when we check who is linking to them in the google search box. Is this a beneficial tatic? These websites actually have a lot more pages of their own linking to them than from outside sources. If this something that we should be doing and if so how do we do it?

Dear Jayde Member, If you have a heavily content driven site, then you'll want to utilize a wide variety of social sites. As social networking grows, you should focus your attention to these sites. With Social Bookmarks Manager: ( you'll be able to easily link to many social sites, and have your content posted there. Keep on Promoting! -Jayde Admin.

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AT&T Universal Business Rewards Card Terms and Conditions * As long as the first balance transfer is completed within 12 months of date of account opening, the balance transfer APR is 0% for 12 months from the date of the first balance transfer. After the promotional offer ends, your standard purchase APR will be applied to any unpaid balance transfer amounts. As of March 24, 2009, the standard variable APR for purchases is 9.24% and the APR for cash advances is a variable rate of 19.99%. However, all your APRs may automatically increase to a 28.99% variable default rate if you default under any Card Agreement that you have with Citi. Minimum finance charge $0.50. The transaction fee for balance transfers is 3.0% of the amount of each balance transfer, $5 minimum. However, a $99 maximum fee applies to the 0% APR balance transfer offer described above. Cash advance transaction fee: 3.00% of amount of advance, minimum $5.00. Fee for Foreign Purchases-3% of the U.S. dollar amount of each purchase made outside the U.S., whether made in U.S. dollars or in a foreign currency. Annual fee: none.

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