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Monday, July 20, 2009

Free Internet Marketing Tip 186

Google Wants To Save Your Life (Or Help End It)
Doug Caverly | Staff Writer

Pushes Google Health and advance directives

Health issues are highly personal. Some folks, for example, are scared of living for years on end without control of their bodies. Others are terrified that a plug will get pulled moments before they make a total recovery. And a certain search giant thinks both of these attitudes represent great reasons to start using Google Health.

A post on the Official Google Blog tells readers, "An advance directive allows you to determine your end-of-life wishes so that your family and doctor can honor them if you get sick and are unable to communicate." It has the ability to save all sorts of people all sorts of pain, and whatever your age or condition, is something you should consider completing.

Google just wants to make sure its software is part of the equation, and as it turns out, Google Health can now process scanned paper documents.

So the post continues, "Google Health is now working with a leading advance directive provider, Caring Connections, that provides a free, downloadable form customized for all 50 states. To complete your form, download it, print it out, complete it, scan it, and upload it to Google Health. Once you've uploaded the signed form, Google Health makes it easy to share it with your caregiver."

Admittedly, this seems morbid and a bit opportunistic. But the issue's an important one, and this may prove an effective tack for Google to take.

»» Would you want to store your medical records online at
Google Health? Why did Google start this service?
Express your opinion in the comments.

Facebook Testing New "Penguin FB" Twitter App?
Jeremy Muncy| Staff Writer

»» Do you think adding twitter-like apps to Facebook is necessary or a waste of time? What do you think?

Test tweet came from Facebook's dev servers

Recently Facebook engineer Blake Ross tweeted a test message from a mysterious Twitter app called "Penguin FB" which resides on Facebook's development servers. Now the question is, what exactly is Penguin FB?

The general consensus from various blogs is that Facebook is working on an app that would allow users to publish updates to their Twitter accounts from Facebook. Sure, they’re apps that currently allow this... but it seems Facebook wants their own.

InsideFacebook reports that they contacted company, asking about the Penguin FB app and they had no comment. Shortly after that, Blake deleted his test tweet. (You can still view his tweet via search.twitter).

It's no secret that Facebook is infatuated with Twitter. From the highly scrutinized redesign to the recent updates with the privacy features, which added ways for you to open up your update stream much like how Twitter does things.

»» If "Penguin FB" is an app that would allow you to post to your Twitter account from Facebook would you use it? Tell us.

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