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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free Internet Marketing Tip 253

A New Program has just Pre-Launched - Royal Cruise Matrix

This is Your Opportunity to Get In at the Beginning of Something that will be BIG!

Things you need to know -
- Why Royal Cruise Matrix will EXPLODE in Growth - and draw the masses better than any other similar kind of program -Affiliated with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines-> MAJOR Name Brand Affiliation = MAJOR Credibility Lowest Price Point of all the "Board" Programs - Only $100 Highest Pay Out of all of the Board-System Programs - - - -The ONLY 3-Board System - The 3rd Board Pays out $25,000.00. No Sponsoring Requirements for the ENTIRE Program! No one "Jumps" You - The Boards Do NOT Split -Spillover alone can push you through all 3 boards ! ! ! FAST 2 by 3 Cycle - Beats Every Other System ! ! !NO MONTHLY FEES ! ! ! Also - Those joining between now and the end of this month are going to be locked in for life for a one-time $100. - All others joining from Dec 1st on out will have to pay $100/year to stay in the program. Furthermore - There is every indication that TVI is going down the tubes. When that happens - where do you think 300,000 people are going to go? The above bullet-points clearly show why the vast majority of them will opt fot the Royal Cruise Matrix over DSV. In fact - we've already had a top income earner from TVI join us at the open just a few hours ago.
- I'm # 37 in the program - and for $100 you could keep your options open and lock in a very early number - before this EXPLODES. To show you how much more desireable this is over DSV - all of the poeple who joined DSV with me, joined this program wih me as soon as I told them about it! (no questions asked!) If this makes good "business-sense" to you (as it did to me) - you'll want to lock in your position ASAP!
- >
This will be H-U-G-E
One-Time $100 Cost To Join - Perfect Price Point!
First Ever 3-Tier Board system - 25k payout - for just a one-time $100 - WOW!
Here is my Join Link:
- Half-way down on the Right Side: Click on Join
NOTE: Your sponsor is: James Blair NOTES:-> You do not need a Registration Code
- Pay With Online Check only - at this time
NOTE: Enter your correct routing number and account number - No Spaces!
Live and Recorded Calls
Royal Cruise Matrix LIVEConference Call ScheduleKICK OFF MONDAY NOV 9TH 2009Monday 9:30pmTuesday 9:30pmWednesday 9:30pmThursday 9:30pm
All Times are EASTERN.
Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 451-6175Access Code: 803026#24hr Conference Play BackPlayback Number: (641) 715-3529Access Code: 803026#

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