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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free Internet Marketing Tip 280

I have to tell you that I am Very excited about GVO!

GVO is a 12 Year old Established Company. Prelaunch will be happening on the 20th of this Month. If you would like to jump ahead of the prelaunch you can join my team here:

At the Very Least get on our update list here:
I have hundreds of folks in my system (not all will Join) but that's just the way this industry is.

A little About me:
My name is Pete Balasch Jr. I have been marketing on the Internet since 1994. I was up to $80,000 a year marketing on the internet until the company that I was promoting just stopped sending us checks. I worked really hard to get where I was; but unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Since then, I have built organizations consisting of over 18,000 in my downline. I am an Internet marketer, Niche Marketer, SEO, Blogger, Podcaster, network marketer, and Global Business Developer. I am available to you by Phone or Skype. I am In CST Omaha, Nebraska. Feel free to call me. My Team is Growing and If you would Like to be a part of the Biggest Launch in Internet History then Join My Team! I will Help you set up a Wordpress Search Engine Optimized Blog for your business with your own domain. Hosted On your personal GVO Hosting. I normally charge My Clients $300.00+ to do this. Do a Search for me on Google "Pete Balasch Jr". I have thousands of links on Google, and I can help you do the same. I love to teach Folks how to X their 925 Jobs.

Anyway, Feel free to call me. Skype me. Join our Team. GVO Rocks, and it will Rock your World!

Pete Balasch Jr
Skype: xyour925job

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